Keep Your Child’s Health on Track with Regular Checkups

By bringing your child in for checkups, you can keep a close eye on their growth and development, spot any potential problems before they occur, and ensure that they are getting the care they need to thrive.

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Healthy Kids Need Love Too

It is essential to bring your children in for regular checkups to examine their growth and development, especially when they are young. We would like to see them for the first weight check within the first few days of your child’s life. Well-Child Visits allow you to ask questions & receive advice from your pediatrician. They also help us to catch any illness that may be developing & detect issues before symptoms arise. Preventative care is the key to a responsible lifestyle and teaches children at a young age to take their health seriously.


From Birth to Adolescence: Your Child’s Comprehensive Checkup Schedule

We encourage you to educate yourself. Learn more about what you can expect by clicking the links below.

Yearly well child checks are also recommended between ages 4-11 to monitor your child’s wellness & development. We want to see your kiddos every year!


Here’s What You Can Expect During a Routine Check-Up

Routine Health Assessments

We’ll check their height and weight, monitor their vital signs, and perform a thorough examination of their eyes, ears, nose, and throat. We also take the time to review your child’s medical history and discuss any concerns or issues you may have noticed.

Developmental Screenings

We´ll assess your child’s motor skills, language and communication abilities, social and emotional development, and cognitive skills to identify any potential delays, and recommend potential interventions and therapies if needed.


During check-up visits, we ensure that your child is up-to-date on all recommended vaccinations. Immunizations can protect your child from serious diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, and more.


Wondering if your child is meeting their developmental milestones?

We’re here to help you make sure they are! Schedule a check-up with us today and give your child the best chance to thrive.

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