Owwies, boo-boos, tummy aches, and more.

When your child is sick or in pain, you are likely hurting right along with them. It is important to seek care immediately to educate yourself on how to get them back well. If your child is experiencing minor symptoms and you simply have questions about administering medications, see below for dosing information or contact our 24-hour nurse triage service at (405) 513-8880. However, if the pain is too much to bear, don't suffer any longer, schedule an appointment with one of our providers now. Remember, we always encourage you to be safe than sorry, so no reason is too small to bring your little one in.

Urgency is our expertise.

Being sick is already a pressing inconvenience, so we don’t like to add insult to injury. We try to cut out the wait time so that your child can be seen right away. Whether your child has a high fever or got hurt on the soccer field, sick kids are seen the same day at Edmond Pediatrics, even on Saturdays. Call our office at (405) 513-8880 for a same-day sick appointment.  Our providers will see you as soon as possible.

X-ray vision

If your child has been hurt playing sports, Edmond Pediatrics offers on-site digital x-rays so that your child can receive treatment from his or her primary care provider. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the advancements in our practice; our X-ray technology uses less radiation and takes a lot less time than old-school x-rays.

If for some reason your child's x-rays give us cause for concern, we can immediately forward them to a radiologist for an over-read. Multiple office visits are a thing of the past!

Charts and dosing information: